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Districtsofindia.com, an initiative of Datanet India Pvt Ltd is a gateway to comprehensive and authentic socio-economic information related to India. Through its cluster of 660 district level websites, Districtsofindia.com provides secondary level socio-economic statistical information of 640 districts out of 660 districts of India. The annual subscription of Districtsofindia.com can be subscribed either for all the available districts of India, or for all the districts of any particular state(s) or for any number of particular district(s) as well. Following is the list of district-level cluster websites of Districtsofindia.com
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 District Factbook TM
  • A comprehensive statistical book on each district of India.
  • Each District FactbookTM reveals a particular district with discrete socio-economic data, thematic graphs and maps.
  • Out of 640 districts, books for key 620 districts are available.
 District FactPage TM

This two-page report in A-3 paper size format comprises the basic information of a particular district. The statistical data, graphs and charts shown offer the information on almost all socio-economic parameters of a district in a very handy format. The District FactpageTM of 620 districts, out of total 640 districts of India are now available.


India's most comprehensive
e-resource of socio-economic data

A Cluster of 56 Associate Websites

A storehouse of socio-economic statistical information of 620 districts of India
A Cluster of 660 Associate Websites

Provides constituency-wise election data for all 543 parliamentary and 4120 state assembly constituencies, since independence

A collection of election & reference books in print, eBook and Web based access formats
19 years of serving socio-economic & electoral research fraternity in India and abroad
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for having the largest cluster of 717 websites providing socio−economic statistical data
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